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Brain Power

These listings aim to improve your health, through activities requiring minimal physicality (E.g Visual Arts or Meditation), and are more so centered on mentally stimulating and challenging pursuits.

Get Active

For people up for a challenge and typically require a bit of physicality (E.g Sports or Gyms), or are "Adrenaline Inducing/Extreme" (White Water Rafting, Rock-climbing for example).


Focused entirely on the different aspects of nutrition (E.g Preparing Food, Cooking Guides & Classes, Vitamins and Minerals).


These listing are centered around philanthropic pursuits, such as financial contributions to a wide range of charities, or volunteering spare time to help people in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

When creating a listing, you must first choose between a place, or an event. The page of your listing will look different and have different options depending on your choice.

Our main 4 categories are broken into sub-categories:

  • Brain Power
    • Expression (Performing Arts and Visual Arts Classes e.g Dancing, Drawing, Drama)
    • Therapeutic Hypnotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Talk Therapy.
    • Lifestyle (Relating to assisting with Stress, and Sleep, and Anxiety, and Confidence.)
    • Other
  • Get Active 
    • Gym and Fitness
    • Adrenaline Rush 
    • Sport (Martial Arts, Football, Etc)
    • Other
  • Nutrition
    • Cookbooks/Recipes/Classes
    • Dietary Supplements/Vitamins and Minerals
    • Meal Preparation Services
    • Other
  • Philanthropy
    • Charity
    • Volunteer Work
    • Other

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